“…In my many years of practice, I have come across a variety of finishing and decorating products, and I can safely say that Spiver Venetian plaster is the epitome of quality and standard. One of the key points that ensures the superiority of this product is its compliance with EU (European Union) standards.

Product standardization not only ensures a high level of quality but also confidence in the reliability and safety of the material. The Venetian plaster from Spiver not only fulfills these standards, it exceeds them. Its formulation has been developed with particular attention to deviations, resistance to impact, and health safety.

The use of this plaster in architectural projects is not only a guarantee of excellent appearance and unique textures but also uniformity and preservation of the original appearance for many years. In addition, the processing of this material is clear and efficient, which saves time and resources in the realization of projects.

I, therefore, recommend Spiver Venetian plaster with a clear conscience to all colleagues who are convinced of its unrivaled quality and compliance with the strictest EU standards…”

Mrs. Lilia Elblaus,

International Architect, Cyprus


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