“…In the design world of restaurants, hotels, and large corporate centers, every detail plays an important role in creating an atmosphere and a lasting impression. Spiver Venetian plaster is not just a cladding material, but a true work of art that exceeds expectations and redefines standards in interior design.

When I discovered this plaster, I was impressed by its quality and unique texture. It gives walls and surfaces a luxurious and sophisticated look and is perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in the interiors of restaurants, hotels, and corporate complexes.

What makes the ‘Spiver’ product truly exceptional is also its compliance with CE (European Community) standards. This guarantees not only a high level of quality but also the safety and durability of the material, which are fundamental in the design and furnishing of catering and workspaces.

I have had the opportunity to realize several projects with ‘Spiver’ Venetian Plaster and the results have exceeded my expectations. The ease of application and the ability to create different textures and shades make it the ideal choice for the interior design of restaurants, hotels, and corporate complexes, where every detail contributes to an unforgettable experience for visitors…”

Mr. Brenna D.R,

International Architect, Italy

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